“I pay my respects to Elders past, present and emerging of the Bundjalung Nation where I now live. I pay my respects to all Elders past, present and emerging from all Nations of this sacred land. I acknowledge First Nations people as the true custodians of this land, its water ways and sky. I promise to always respect and care for this sacred country and its people.” – Elena B Williams

Elena B Williams is a singer-songwriter of Samoan heritage born on Whadjuk country, currently living in the Bundjalung Nation. She started her music career at a young age, at one of her dad’s poetry readings in The Oxford Street Café. Poets have long inspired singers and songwriters and Elena is no exception, with poetry finding it’s way into her improvised lyrics.

Inspired by artists like Nina Simone, Archie Roach, Patti Smith and Tracy Chapman, Elena began singing and playing guitar at the age of 15, with no intention of making it a career, it was just a fun thing to do. After three months of playing music Elena was hooked. She says; “when you find a place of freedom, how can you ever leave it, that’s music to me, complete freedom”.

Elena’s music is a unique blend of soul, folk, jazz, blues and alternative but really a sound all of her own. With a powerful voice that hits you in the heart and honest lyrics that tell stories of life as it is, of human emotion, her Samoan heritage and a desire to celebrate the beauty of nature, Elena’s songs will take you on a journey and connect you to yourself and the world around you.

Elena plays solo and in a duo with violin player Rachel Heaton, the two have played together for over ten years and the musical connection is wonderfully uplifting. Find Elena on instagram @elena.b.williams & Rachel Heaton @rachplaysviolin

Guitar Brands Elena currently plays are Gretsch, Ibanez and Maton.
One of the Music shops Elena supports is Valiant Music, Brunswick Heads NSW. Fantastic second hand guitars and provides all your usual product needs. www.valiantmusic.com.au 


Full music reviews below. For all bookings ebwbookings@gmail.com

“Elena B. Williams is an extraordinary singer/songwriter and performer with a unique twist: You will never hear the same show, or even the same song, twice.  Passionate about music, nature, and the connections between people and the natural world, Williams “channels” each song live onstage as an original first-time event. With her eclectic background musician and poet, her strong roots in her indigenous Samoa, and her outspokenness and courage in addressing the issues of our time, Elena B Williams will always surprise and delight her audience”.

Polly Laurelchild-Hertig (SisterSpace Women’s Festival USA ) 2022

I asked Elena to play on my album Summer at Eureka, she has such a unique voice for this time.”

Pete Murray

Reviews for Elena B Williams

“Elena B Williams is an open vessel and her spirit is aligned to sing in the collective consciousness of the moment – moment by moment! Allowing for deep and powerful moments to be born in song! Elena is an ancient being who lives in a modern context… her voice penetrates deep into the marrow of our cells and gently pulls us toward expanded loving awareness. An honorable female being with a resonate signature sound that soothes and heals! I am honored to have met and heard this beautiful woman! ”

Toni Childs

“I heard a voice that stopped me in my tracks. I turned and walked back through the crowds of people, my ears and heart following her song. I saw a woman stoic in her presence, with a voice so unique and full of soul. I was simply captivated. Plenty of people can sing pretty, but on this day, Elena B Williams was the Pied Piper, and I merely a rat.”

Donna Simpson (The Waifs) 

“Elena B Williams harnesses a truthful and soulfully unique talent, and she’s using it for the good of her people and the beautiful island nation we both call home, Samoa. Fire up girl, strength to you.”

Natalie Pa’apa’a (Blue King Brown)

“There are certain sounds that resonate with the human heart on a deep level – the thunder of a waterfall, the delicate vibration of hummingbird wings, a child’s laughter. They awaken an awe and reverence of something bigger, something more. Elena’s music comes from that place. Like deep calling to deep, her song originates from and speaks to something we all intuitively knows exists, yet so often seems beyond our reach.”

Josh Cunningham (The Waifs)

“I first witnessed Elena’s work when she opened for The Waifs at the Capital Theatre in Bendigo. She played a solo acoustic set to a packed house of 450 people and had every audience member in the palm of her hand for her entire set. To call Elena’s performance ‘engaging’ doesn’t do her justice. She shares more than stories, melodies and rhythms through her music, she imparts joy. We love having Elena on our program at Bendigo Blues & Roots Music Festival and hope she keeps making the journey to perform with us for many years to come.”

Colin Thomas (Festival Director Bendigo Blues and Roots Festival)

“Elena B Williams is a Samoan Australian singer-songwriter currently living in Byron Bay. The highlight of her career so far was touring with The Waifs and she put that exposure to good use by releasing [Feet In The Sand]. Williams has a strong CV, two songs featured on ABC series Gods Of Wheat Street, performed with Toni Childs at Rebuild Nepal concert, featured on Pete Murrays album, three time MusicOz finalist etc. Williams has her own rootsy sound with strong touches of soul and folk – I hear an influence from Tracy Chapman in there as well. Songs like ‘Desert Land’ and ‘Wake You Up’ are very strong as is the whole album. I predict we will hear a lot more of this artist – definitely worth listening to, and make sure you see her if she plays near you.”

Steve Britt (Album Review Rhythms Magazine Australia)


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Career Highlights


National Multicultural Festival Nugunnawal Country (Canberra)

Residency at The Regent Cinema, Murwillumbah NSW


Virginia Giordano Fund Artist Honoree


Performed at SisterSpace Music Festival USA


Recording in home studio, looking forward to sharing with you when the music is ready.


Performed at The National Multicultural Festival Canberra


Performed at Denmark Festival of Voice, Western Australia


Performed at Palm Creek Folk Festival


Released first solo album “Feet In The Sand”


Performed at Bendigo Blues and Roots Festival


Performed at Bendigo Blues and Roots Festival


Performed with Toni Childs at the Rebuild Nepal Concert


Tour with The Waifs in Australia


Had 2 songs on the ABC TV show “the Gods Of Wheat Street”


Finalist in the Musicoz Awards


Finalist in the Musicoz Awards


Sang on Pete Murrays Album “Summer at Eureka”