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The making of ‘Feet In The Sand’

I recorded my recent album, Feet in the Sand, at Geriko Music Studio in Burringbar, NSW Australia.

The studio is on top of a hill, surrounded by beautiful trees and you sit looking out to the sea. It is the perfect place to create music. I met my producer, Gerard Stanhope, through a great musician and dear friend, Jamie Ashforth, who played lead guitar and harmonica on the album. Our meeting was one of those meant-to-be moments. When someone understands how you feel and who you are as an artist it’s a true gift. Gerry is also a great musician and played guitar on the album.

The album also features artists I met on the streets of Mullumbimby while I was in the process of recording. I met two violin players from New Zealand, Greg McGarity and Elena Abramova in a music shop and we just fell in love with each others sound and as it turns out they were both orchestra players. The bass player, Peter Cook and I met at a cafe gig of mine, we talked after my gig and I just had a feeling about him. Well I was right and now Peter and I are in “Company 13” together, our new world band. Sheila Finke plays percussion on the album. I met her many years ago when she used to own a drum shop in Byron Bay. Sheila is an amazing DJ and songwriter. Each of these artists contributed to the magic of “Feet In The Sand” and I am grateful to them for being a part of this journey with me.

The three violin tracks on the album were made up on the spot and recorded in one take on my part, then the violin players came in the same day and laid down their parts. All the other tracks were written on the mornings of recording days, to create a present time feeling, as that’s how I perform. I am an improvisation artist, making music up on the spot at every show. I wanted the album to be as close to that experience as possible.

I know the stories I want to share with the world. I paint pictures with music and words, in front of a live audience and it creates a strong connection because it’s an open hearted risk, my favourite kind of music.

“Feet In The Sand” is about healing and love and a way to freedom, for me. It’s about my connection with my family and the world family, how to heal yourself, to be a part of life. I want peace in the world and music is the most powerful way for me to share that feeling. The more we are our loving selves the more we will know that none of us are divided. I hope you feel the love in this album and enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it.

Please check out Geriko Music Studio and if you ever have the honour of working with Gerry tell him I am forever grateful. www.gerikomusic.com

Love Elena xoxo

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